Conducted Face to Face, You book in for a session with me at my Healing studio, I also email you a copy of the cards that were drawn in the session.
Via EMAIL or SKYPE WITH EMAIL you give me your Name and Email details, and a question or request for Guidance.
For remote sessions you will be emailed a full interpretation of the cards that have been pulled forward.
If your opt for the SKPE reading you will receive via email a copy of the cards that were drawn, and any tools of guidance that occurred.
** Note well these readings are centred in Guidance for your Soul, and may include suggestions from the Angels on POSITIVE ways to move forward.
They are not intended or will be telling your future, you determine your future. The cards are a tool and I am a intuitive guide to the interpretation of their meaning from your soul.
The purpose of these readings are to assist you on a road to empowerment, and conducted from a place of love and nurture.
You will always be gently guided to be responsible and take ownership of your decisions from a place of love.

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